Jon Husband

Jonathan Husband

Jon is a 4th year PhD student in the group. He grew up in St Austell, Cornwall and moved to Bath in 2010 to complete an MChem degree. During his 3rd year, Jon completed a study year abroad at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. There he worked with the Warren group studying cytochrome c redox chemistry. For his final year project, he completed research with the Pantoş group in Bath. His research involved synthesising naphthalene diimide derivatives for use in flexible conductors and materials. In October 2015, Jon joined the O’Reilly group, focusing his research on the area of fluorescent handles in peptide-based applications

Jon has a keen interest in teaching chemistry and has experience leading a peer learning scheme,  as well as demonstrating undergraduate labs and supporting workshops. He is also keen on supporting outreach and has visited many local schools and has volunteered at the Big Bang Fair. 


S. Varlas, J. C. Foster, P. G. Georgiou, R. Keogh, J. T. Husband, D. S. Williams and R. K. O’Reilly, Tuning the membrane permeability of polymersome nanoreactors developed by aqueous emulsion polymerization-induced self-assembly, Nanoascale, 2019, Accepted Manuscript, DOI:10.1039/C9NR02507C

J. T. Husband, A. C. Hill and R. K. O’Reilly, Utilizing functionalized bromomaleimides for fluorogenic conjugation and PEGylation of enzymes, Polymer Int.,  2019, Accepted Article, DOI:10.1002/pi.5740.

Y. Xie, J. T. Husband, M. Torrent-Sucarrat, H. Yang, W. Liu and R. K. O’Reilly, Rational design of substituted maleimide dyes with tunable fluorescence and solvafluorochromism,Chem. Commun.,  2018, 54, 3339 DOI:10.1039/C8CC00772A.

G. G. Hedir, M. C. Arno, M. Langlais, J. T. Husband, R. K. O’Reilly and A. P. Dove,  Poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) vinyl acetate)s: A Versatile Class of Thermoresponsive and Biocompatible Polymers, Angewandte Chemie International Edition2017, 56, 9178, DOI:10.1002/anie.201703763.

J. T. Husband, M. S. Aaron, R. K. Bains, A. R. Lewis and J. J. Warren, Catalytic reduction of dioxygen with modified Thermus thermophilus cytochrome c552, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry2016, 157, 8–14. DOI: 10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2016.01.023

Awards and memberships:

Peer assisted learning (PAL) scheme of the year – University of Bath – 2015

Chemistry undergraduate presentation award – Simon Fraser University – spring 2014

RSLC Best Seminar – March 2019

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy  (AFHEA)

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)

Conference Presentations:

Young researchers meeting – Macro Group UK – 2016 – Liverpool – ‘Utilizing bromomaleimide pro-fluorescent moieties for applications in α-Chymotrypsin’

Young researchers meeting – Macro Group UK – 2017 – Edinburgh – ‘Utilizing bromomaleimides for conjugations to enzymes’

Birmingham PG symposium  2018 – ‘Developing maleimide based fluorophores for peptide tagging applications’