We currently work with a number of academics and industries in projects on multidisciplinary and fundamental research.

We share our labs, offices and collaborate extensively with the Dove group. Find out more about them here.

Industry collaboration

  • AWE
  • BP, Marine Technoloy Team
  • BP, Exploration Team
  • Unilever
  • Lubrizol
  • Nexeon

Academic collaboration at Warwick University

Other previous and current academic collaborations 

  • Dr Deborah Longbottom (University of Cambridge) – polymer supported and responsive organocatalysis
  • Professor Filip Du Prez (University of Ghent) – new coupling chemistries
  • Professors Andrew Turberfield (Oxford) and Eugen Stulz (Southampton) – DNA nanomaterials
  • Professors Paula Booth (KCL), Andy Ellington (Austin, Texas), Mike Jewett (Northwestern) – Genetically augmented and sequence controlled polymers
  • Professor Michael Monteiro (University of Queensland) – polymeric nanoreactors
  • Professor Michael Overduin (University of Birmingham) – SMALPs
  • Professor Thomas H. Epps (University of Delaware) – block copolymer self assembly and characterisation
  • Dr Olivier Colombani and Dr Christophe Chassenieux (University Du Maine) – self assembly and micellar mixing
  • Professor Nico Sommerdijk (TUe) – nanostructure characterisation, new microscopy methods
  • Professor Marina Resmini (QMUL) – functional nanoparticles for delivery applications
  • Professor Guosong Chen (Fudan) – glycopolymer nanoparticles
  • Professor Jianzhong Du (Tongji) – nanoparticles for AMR
  • Professor Per Setterlund (UNSW) – polymerisation methods in micellar confinement
  • Dr Kris Thurecht (University of Queensland) – polymer nanoparticle contrast agents for MRI
  • Professor Alex Adronov (McMaster University) – polymer-nanotube composites
  • Dr Serena Corr (Glasgow) and Dr Eleanor Schofield (Mary Rose Trust) – polymer additives for water logged artefacts
  • Professor Serge Cosnier (Grenoble) – carbon buckypaper
  • Dr Luke Connal (University of Melbourne) – new self assembled responsive nanostructures